About Ruhunulanka.

When we want to enter to the modern world,we should learn computer well. Ruhunulanka eVillage project is help for it. Mr.Amal Thushara is the guider of this project. This project has thirteen students. I think we are the lucky students, because we are the first batch of this project.
   Ruhunulanka foundation is situated in Nihiluwa public school. It provide lot of information to school and to the village. This project is treasure to all. Because of ruhunulanka, now villagers can get lot of information about the world through the internet.
                Ruhunulanka make skillful and talented person to the society. It do great job to the world. This foundation is resource to us.
             Finally I offer my heartfelt thank to Mr.Amal Thushara for giving this rare chance to us.


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2 Responses to “About Ruhunulanka.”

  1. ashi Says:

    it’s very good

  2. Viro Says:

    very nice…

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