Wesak day


Wesak festival is the most important festival for Buddhist, because the Lord Buddha’s enlightenment was celebrated on this day. Wesakday falls on month of May.

On this day we observe sil and we go to the pilgrimages. Wesak is celebrated by people in all over the world. People go to temple and offer flower to Lord Buddha. We are very happy on this day, because the children make the beautiful wesak lanterns and light oil lamps. People decorate their houses with those things. On this season we can see our country is very beautiful with pandals, wesak lantern and colorful bulbs.

In the wesak season we organize the wesak lanterns competition. We can present them. The most beautiful wesak lantern wins. On this day children get holiday. This day we decorate our school with tissue papers, lanterns, printed papers. We spend this wesak poya day very usefully.                        


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5 Responses to “Wesak day”

  1. Aline Da Riol Says:

    I am preparing in Geneva Switzerland a Wesak festival over the net and all over the world to bring calm and peace before the Olympic Games. Please help me with all your friends and with your blog to promote the event. Give me some ideas for the children lanterns and light oil lamp so we could have some sold for the children all over Europe.Send me picture of it.Thank you and light love hope integrity for the futur Aline

  2. Ha Says:

    I have been reading your compositions. I think they are really attractive (expecially with me) ^oo^

  3. Damith Says:

    I wish you

  4. yaseer manzoor Says:

    so nice coment

  5. ashini Says:

    thank you.

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