The Importance of English.

 English is an international language. There are many languages in the world where English is the foremost of them all. It is understood and spoken almost everywhere in the world. English has become the key instrument of globalization. What is paramount today is knowing how to use the English language rather than just knowing it.

English is the only language that the German, the Chinese, the Japanese & Russians are keen to learn although their mother languages are developed as English. Now almost all the universities are conducting scientific studies through English medium.

The English language is used all over the globe for transaction of international trade. To all in Sri Lanka too a good knowledge of English is essential for the advancement of knowledge & to further our studies. It is almost indispensable for higher scientific and technological studies. 


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  1. geethika Says:

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  2. Gresilda Says:

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  3. Tiago Says:

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  4. Kamal Nayan Says:

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  5. Stuti Says:

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  7. sasanka Says:

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  12. imran Says:

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  13. soso Says:

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  14. delakshan Says:

    Though we are Sri lankans and speak Sinhala, What you say is the fact. When the entire world is towards one direction we need to drive in the same direction. If not we will be isolated and will be an unfortunate nation. Your article really was useful in composing a speach for my daughter.

  15. harani Says:

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  16. Farhan Danish Says:

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  17. andre Says:

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  18. Vens Says:

    yes I agree with you’English is the foremost language in this era and mastering English has become a demands
    if we still want to compete with others we have to master in English so i can say English is the key instrument to make our dreams come true

  19. M. Ahmed Says:

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  20. mani anand Says:

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  21. shin yiing Says:

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  22. aniruddha Says:

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  23. arun Says:

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  24. Shahzad Abbasi Says:

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  25. manpreet Says:

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  26. Eagle Says:

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  27. daphne Says:

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  28. sahil Says:

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  31. niki Says:

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  33. Suneth Says:

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  34. ANDREW Says:

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  35. Josué Says:

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  36. lara Says:

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  37. Roa sartt Says:

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  38. anni sharma Says:

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  49. Manuel Lamarche Says:

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  50. lohit.b Says:

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  51. Aakash Rana Says:

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  52. Biwom Says:

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  53. hema Says:

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  54. Sivaroshan Says:

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  55. pavan jaiswal Says:

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