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The Life of A Journalist.

May 10, 2008


The life of journalist is very interesting. He does not wait for news to reach him, instead he runs out looking for news. Sometimes, when he runs for news, his life falls into danger.

A journalist tries to bring first hand news, such as unexpected news of a plane crash, a bomb explosion or an earthquake. He wants to make these as headlines in his newspaper.
Crime is another area which creates news and stirs everybody. Crimes such as murder, burglary, child abuse and sale of drugs capture the eye of the news reporter. He also runs into war-tam areas to give us first hand news. These areas probably push his life into danger.

A journalist also covers events of popular interest, such as sports, fashions and leisure. He also pays attention to social issues such as schooling, housing, and poverty. A journalist also covers routine events such as the arrival of a distinguished person or a holding of a special function.

A good journalist must have a responsibility of expressing his news items accurately and impartially. If anyone wants to be a good journalist he must have a good education and a wide knowledge in different subjects. He also must be curios and get on well to gather information from the public. Finally he must enjoy his writings and should work at any times of the day or night.                 



Sports and Games.

May 3, 2008


Sports and Games are very important to human beings. We must start doing sports and games from our early childhood. The most important point is to develop both body and mind by giving them exercise. Sports and games make our bodies strong and healthy. Thus in turn they help to keep our minds healthy too. Games such as cricket, volleyball, netball, football, and tennis give practice in making our eyes, brain, and muscles work together.

Sports and games help us to build our characters. Playing a game like cricket we need unity, if not the spirit of the team is destroyed. To develop this spirit we need qualities such as patience, courage and a sense of responsibility. All these qualities together prepare us to live as good citizen in the future.

In sports we also get an opportunity to share experiences with participants from other countries. This is one of the objectives of modern Olympic Games. They also provide and opportunity to bring the nations of the world together every four years.

Finally I can say that sports and games are help to build our personality.