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The Importance of Water.

March 15, 2008


The water is the most importance resource for all the human beings, animals, and trees. We can’t live without water. If there is no water, people, animals and will die.
We can get water from rivers, tanks, wells, and rain. Trees are help to us for get water. Water is a natural resource. Because, we protect water like our lives. Sri Lanka is lucky share with other countries. Because our country have lot of water. Sri Lanka called the pearl of Indian Ocean.

The water is very useful. Why  do we need water? We need water  for drinking, cooking, cultivating, washing, cleaning, bathing, transporting, farming, living and electricity. Now we can understand the value of water.
We should pay greater attention for preserving water. We should stop water wastage. To stop water wastage, we must manage water well. To protect water we use water carefully.